The K0TO experiment aims to discover and measure the second order flavor changing neutral current reaction KL → π0νν , which will either establish more precise limits for the standard model or lead to new physics . The standard model predicts that this reaction will have a branching ratio of (2.8±0.4)*10-11, and will occur via the golden decay mode. This experiment aims to capture 100 events at this branching ratio for a 5% η measurement, using a 30 GeV beamline. K0TO involves collaborations between institutions in the United States, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, while the experiment itself is being hosted as project E14 at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (JPARC) in Tokai, Japan. Although a beam test was scheduled to take place in April 2011, damages from the earthquake in March 2011 have set the schedule back by almost one year. Preliminary runs will take place this spring, and we hope to begin to collect data in late 2012 or early 2013.

For a more detailed description of the experiment, refer to the Physics section of this website.