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This list was taken from the bill of materials for Trigger board, revision C2.

Item Designator Description Manufacturer MFG Part#
2 Y3 CRYSTAL 25.000MHZ 18PF FUND SMD Abracon Corporation ABLS-25.000MHZ-B2F-T
3.1 J00-15 Optical Assembly - 20 pin right-angle connector AMP 1367073-1
3.2 J00-15 Optical Assembly - External shield AMP 1489779-1
3.3 J00-15 Optical Assembly - Pluggable Optical Transceiver AVAGO AFBR-57M5APZ
5 SW1 Snap-acting Momentary Pushbutton Switches C&K 8125SD9AV2BE
6 C408-409 CAP 10PF 50V 5% C0G 0402 Murata GRM1555C1H100JZ01D
7 C223-224 C227-228 C234 C236 C242-243 C250 C258 C271 C274 C277 C280 C283 C286 C296 C298 C320-324 C336 C340 C392-395 C418 C422-424 C466-467 C469-470 C473-474 C505-507 C510-511 C520-521 C537 C542 C556-557 C562-565 C570-571 C576 C588-599 C609-610 C626 CAP 1000PF 50V CERAMIC X7R 0402 Kemet C0402C102K5RACTU
8 C61 C86-97 C100-109 C112-121 C124-133 C136-142 C144-145 C148-153 C156 C160-164 C167-176 C179-180 C183-186 C188-189 C191-194 C199-212 C215-218 C231-233 C237 C239 C244 C247 C253-256 C262 C266 C270 C273 C276 C279 C282 C285 C287 C292-295 C297 C299-301 C309-310 C316 C325-330 C332 C337 C341 C345 C348 C357-359 C361 C364 C372-374 C376 C380-383 C389-390 C398 C400 C410-411 C425 C447-465 C468 C471 C475-477 C481-490 C492-493 C508-509 C512-517 C522 C524-525 C528 C531 C539 C543-545 C558-559 C566-567 C572-573 C577 C600-602 C604-607 C611 C614-615 C625 CAP 10000PF 16V CERM X7R 0402 Kemet C0402C103K4RACTU
9 C1 C3-4 C6-8 C11-13 C16-18 C21-23 C26-28 C31-33 C36-38 C41-43 C46-48 C51-53 C56-58 C62 C98-99 C110-111 C122-123 C134-135 C143 C146 C154 C157-159 C177-178 C187 C190 C195-196 C219 C222 C225-226 C235 C238 C240-241 C248-249 C257 C265 C269 C272 C275 C278 C281 C284 C288 C302-304 C311 C313 C318 C331 C333 C338 C342-343 C351 C375 C377 C384-386 C391 C401 C407 C412-413 C417 C421 C426 C478-480 C494-500 C518-519 C523 C526-527 C529-530 C535-536 C538 C546-548 C551-553 C560-561 C568-569 C574-575 C578 C603 C612 C616-617 C624 CAP 0.1uF 10V CERM X5R 0402 Kemet C0402C104K8PACTU
10 C165-166 C181-182 C197-198 C213-214 C245-246 C261 C268 C360 C362 C370-371 C403 C431 C433-434 C442-443 C583-584 C608 C619 C623 CAP 0.22uF 6.3V CERM X5R 0402 Kemet C0402C224K9PACTU
11 C63-80 C220-221 C229-230 C260 C289-291 C344 C354-356 C367-369 C396 C402 C427-430 C432 C438-441 C446 C579-582 C618 C622 CAP 4700PF 10V CERM X5R 0402 Kemet C0402C473K8PACTU
12   eliminated in C2    
13 C334-335 C339 C388 C613 CAP 1.0uF 10V CERM X5R 0603 Kemet C0603C105K8PACTU
14 C2 C5 C9-10 C14-15 C19-20 C24-25 C29-30 C34-35 C39-40 C44-45 C49-50 C54-55 C59-60 C346-347 C349 C352-353 C406 C419-420 C532-534 C540-541 C549-550 C554-555 CAP 10uF 6.3V CERM X5R 0603 Murata GRM188R60J106ME47D
15 C252 C264 C312 C314-315 C365 C378 C404 C436 C445 C586 C620 CAP 2.2uF 10V CERM X5R 0603 Kemet C0603C225K8PACTU
16 C251 C263 C305-308 C363 C435 C444 C585 CAP 0.47uF 10V CERM X7R 0603 Kemet C0603C474K8PACTU
17 C350 CAP 4.7uF 6.3V CERM X5R 0603 Kemet C0603C475K9PACTU
18 C397 C399 CAP 22uF 10V CERM X5R 1206 Taiyo-Yuden LMK316BJ226ML-T
19 C319 C387 C491 C501-502 CAP 47uF 10V CERM X5R 1206 Kemet C1206C476M8PACTU
20 C85 C147 C155 C405 C415-416 C503-504 CAP 100uF 6.3V CERM X5R 1210 Taiyo-Yuden JMK325F107MM-T
21 C81-82 TANTALUM CAP SMD 33.UF 6.3V 20% Kemet T520B336M006ATE040
22 C83-84 C259 C267 C317 C366 C379 C414 C437 C472 C587 C621 TANTALUM CAP SMD 330.UF 6.3V 10% Kemet TAJE337K006RNJ
23 DS1-4 VME board discarge strip PCB FEATURE PCB FEATURE
24 Y1 2.5V SMD Crystal Oscillator 4 pin LCC ECS ECS-3525-1250-B
25 Y2 Low Jitter SAW oscillator Epson Toyocom EG-2121CA200.000M-LGPAB
26 P6 VME64X P6 connector (half of P3) Tyco/APM 352068-1
27 P0 VME64XP0 connector ERNI 064784
28 P5 VME64X P5 connector (half of P3) ERNI 064785
29 U63 Low Voltage Quad Buffer with 5V Tolerant Inputs and Outputs Fairchild Semiconductor 74LCX125M
30 U62 TinyLogic UHS Dual 2-Input AND Gate FAIRCHILD NC7WZ08K8X
31 FB1-16 FERRITE BEAD 5 OHM @ 100MHz 600mA INDC1005 Taiyo Yuden BK1005LL050-T
32 P1-2 160p 2.54mm pitch VME64X P1 and P2 connector HARTING 02-01-160-2101
33 J16 Right-angle 0.8mm-pitch 140 pin connector Tyco Electronics 5-5179009-6
35 U52-53 U56 1-to-1 Differential-to-LVCMOs/LVTTL Translator IDT ICS83021AMILF
36 L1-24 L33-40 INDUCTOR 1UH 10% 0402 Shielded SMD TDK Corporation MLF1005A1R0KT
37 LED17-20 Green 1608 LED Lite-On LTST-C190KGKT
38 LED1-16 Red 1608 LED Lite-On LTST-C190KRKT
39 U47-48 DRAM Chip DDR2 SDRAM 2Gb 1.8V 60-pin FBGA Micron Technology MT47H256M8HG-3
40 JP6 2.54 mm 2-rows 4-pin Vertical Header Molex Connector Corporation 10-89-7041
41 JP1-5 JP7-16 3-pin vertical thruhole jumper MOLEX 22-28-4030
42   eliminated in C2    
43 P3-4 P8 2.54 mm 5-pin Vertical Header Molex Connector Corporation 22-28-4050
44 P7 Right-angle 2mm-pitch 14 pin connector MOLEX 87833-1420
45 J19 RJ45 CAT5 RA SINGLE PORT JACK Molex 440500005
46 TZ3V3_1-2 TVS Diodes - Transient Voltage Suppressors 3v3 Vishay/Semiconductors MSP3v3
47 TZ5V0_1-2 TVS Diodes - Transient Voltage Suppressors 5v Vishay/Semiconductors MSP5.0A
48 U30 IC ETHERNET PHYSCL LAYER 128PQFP National Semiconductor DP83865DVH/NOPB
49 U64 3V LVDS Single High Speed Differential Driver National Semiconductor DS90LV011ATMF/NOPB
50 U29 U39-44 1.5V/1.8V/2.5V 180MHz 1:4 Network Clock Buffer Pericom PI6C10804
51 R121 R292-293 R335-336 RES 100 OHM 1/10W 1% 0402 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-2RKF1000X
52 R1-60 R236-255 R289 RES 10K OHM 1/10W 5% 0402 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-2GEJ103X
53   eliminated in C2    
54 R96-97 R99 R101-102 R104 R106 R116-119 R122-124 R129-130 R134-137 R140-144 R148-151 R154-158 R162-163 R168 R179 R188 R198 R207 R211 R215 R264-288 RES 22.0 OHM 1/10W 5% 0402 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-2RKF22R0X
55   eliminated in C2    
56 R95 R109 R133 R139 R147 R153 R161 R167 R178 R186 R189 R197 R205 R210 R214 R218 0 ohm RESC1005X40N DO NOT INSTALL DO NOT PURCHASE DO NOT PURCHASE
56 R63-80 R98 R100 R103 R105 R107-108 R110 R125-126 R131-132 R138 R145-146 DO-NOT-INSTALL Panasonic-ECG ERJ-2RKF2200X
58 R291 RES 10 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF10R0V
59 R91-92 R192-194 RES 100 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF1000V
60 R111 RES 17.4K OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic - ECG ERJ-3EKF1742V
61 R290 RES 18 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF18R0V
62 R81-85 R112 R128 R152 R160 R177 R180 R185 R227 R230 R233 R309-311 R315 R318 RES 1.00K OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF1001V
63 R94 R172 R234 RES 1.0M OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF1004V
64 R300 R312 RES 2.21K OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF2211V
65 R115 R120 R127 R164-165 R196 R308 R332 R359 RES 22 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF22R0V
66   eliminated in C2    
67 R113 RES 36.5K OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF3652V
68 R86-87 R93 R114 R159 R166 R173-176 R182-184 R187 R190-191 R200-202 R206 R313 R316-317 RES 390 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF3900V
69   eliminated in C2    
70 R169 R181 R228 R231-232 R235 R314 RES 470 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF4700V
71 R219-226 RES 49.9 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF49R9V
72 R229 RES 5.49K OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF5491V
73 R61-62 R195 R199 RESC1608 with 3 pads for solder selection VISHAY-DALE CRCW06030000Z0EA
74   eliminated in C2    
75 U32-33 IC GATE AND SGL 2INP SOT23-5 STMicroelectronics (VA) 74V1G08STR
76 U31 IC INVERTER SGL SOT23-5 STMicroelectronics (VA) 74V1G04STR
78   eliminated in C2    
79 TP44-110 TP112-118 TP121-136 TP141-142 TP146-156 0.010" pitch Thruhole test point DO NOT INSTALL DO NOT INSTALL
80 PM6 DC/DC Converters & Regulators 6A 3.3V Texas Instruments PTH03050WAZ
81 PM1-3 DC/DC Converters & Regulators 6A 5V Texas Instruments PTH05050WAST
82 U6-7 Bus Transceiver TTL Tri-State TTL 48 pins SSOP Texas Instruments SN74ABTE16245DL
83 U34-36 U38 16-Bit Edge-Triggered D-Type Flip-Flop with 3-state Output 16bit SSOP Texas Instruments SN74ALVCH162374
84 U10 U45 IC BUFF/DVR OCTAL N-INV 20SOICW Texas Instruments SN74BCT760DW
86 U1-5 U8-9 U54-55 Bus Transceivers Tri-State 3.3V ABT 16bit SSOP Texas Instruments SN74LVTH162245DL
88 U13-28 SERDES 2.5-3.125GBPS 64-HVQFP Texas Instrument TLK3101IRCP
89 U49-50 U57-58 U60 TRANS SS GP NPN 40V SOT23 ON Semiconductor MMBT3904LT1G
90 J18 MAG45 Modular Jack with Integrated Magnetics Tyco Electronics 6605444-6
91 U46 XC4VFX12_FF668 Virtex 4 Xilinx FPGA Xilinx XC4VFX12_10FFG668C
92 U12 Virtex 5 Xilinx FPGA XC5VFX70T FF1136 XILINX XC5VFX70T-FFG1136C
93 U11 32MB Xilinx Configuration PROM 48-pin TSOP XILINX XCF32PVOG48C
94 JP17-18 2-pin enable jumper MOLEX 22-28-4022
95 TP6 TP111 Agilent Vertical PCB test fixture - Do Not Install Agilent N2885A
96 U66 4:1 Single-ended Multiplexer IDT ICS83054AGILF
97 R334 R361 RES 4700 OHM 1/10W 1% 0402 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-2RKF4701X
98 R203-204 R208-209 R212-213 R216-217 R256-263 R294-299 R305-307 R319-331 R333 R337-358 R360 R362-377 RES 49.9 OHM 1/10W 1% 0402 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-2RKF49R9X
99 R88-90 R301-304 RES 4.7K OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Panasonic-ECG ERJ-3EKF4701V
100 R170-171 SMT Resistor RESC1608X55N (EIA0603) 10000 ohms 0.10W ROHM MCR03EZPFX1002